Combining Technology And Entertainment

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In the good old days, entertainment and fun was centred mainly on nature, imagination and the games we would play with our friends. This is often the story we hear from the older generations, and for millennial, this is something we almost don’t understand. It’s not that people no longer interact with each other or have fun which is not technology oriented, but it’s because technology has become such a huge part of our lives that it’s hard to imagine a world without it. In addition to that, it’s hard to imagine that people could once be entertained without the presence of technology. While there are both pros and cons to the widespread incorporation of technology, it is still something worth marvelling over, considering its versatility in almost every industry and every aspect of life. One example is the evolution of cinema. Centuries ago, it started in the form of theatre, which is still practiced today.

This is where people would perform dramas and plays, and later with the development of cameras, the possibility of moving pictures, or video was widely considered and experimented upon. Louis le Prince, an inventor was the first person to develop what could be considered a video camera in his time, which was the 1800’s. After his disappearance, other inventors and companies centred around innovations such as these, started developing le Prince’s original ideas and after years, the video camera was finally introduced, which gave birth to the cinema industry. From silent, black and white moving pictures to movies with sound, to finally movies with sound and color, the industry kept evolving. Today, we have movies of superior quality, complete with color, sound and special effects, thanks to the development of technology. Just like that, so many other technological innovations have brought technology and entertainment together, such as Xbox’s, Play stations, racing drones for sale, handheld gaming devices, computers, televisions etc.

Gaming consoles such as Play stations, Xbox’s, Wii’s, Nintendo’s etc, developed from handheld gaming consoles and arcade games which were first introduced in the mid 1900’s. These games started off as simple software with no color and limited sound, and as they started to develop, sound, color and more advanced software was used, giving the games a higher quality. One of the latest introduction has been DJI drones, which are now used for entertainment by customizing them to become a racing drone, used for the purpose of drone racing. We can see, that the combination of technology and entertainment gives us so many more things to keep ourselves occupied with.